Peer Benchmarking

Competitive analysis of peers' sustainability disclosure and reporting practices...

  • Consultation with client on peer selection for comparisons
  • Expertise and resources available to the client for various reporting and disclosure frameworks and standards for benchmarking focus and disclosure approach
  • Flagged gaps and areas of leadership in competitive positioning-mapping for management action
  • Each peer organization profiled for client management's information
  • Comparisons presented in contextual visual format
  • G&A Institute team's strategic recommendations for future actions 
  • Research conducted on each peer by experienced G&A analysts

More on Peer Benchmarking

It is always useful to know more about what peers and industry/sector competitors are doing in certain disclosure and reporting practices.  For example, what are the best practices of your company's investment and industry peers in terms of transparency, enhanced disclosure and structured reporting on their sustainability performance and achievements? 

What compelling story do peers tell of their sustainability journey -- key strategies adopted; internal organization for success; implementation of programs and initiatives;  third party recognitions and honors they earned? 

What is the “whole” corporate profile being assembled by third party ESG service providers through the company’s disclosures and structured reporting of the success of the sustainability journey?

G&A Institute analyzes a selected number of competitor's sustainability reports and other data sources for their disclosure levels on important GRI Indicators (or other important frameworks / specific issues).

For example in a GRI Standards focused competitive benchmarking, the peer companies identified by the client are analyzed for these attributes

  • Disclosure levels on all GRI General Disclosures (up to 56)
  • Disclosure levels on all GRI Topic Specific Disclosures including
    • 200 Series - Economic Topics
    • 300 Series - Environmental Topics
    • 400 Series - Social Topics
  • GRI Report "In Accordance" Level for GRI Standards and G4
  • External Assurance Type / Provider / Scope / Level / Standards.

The results of the comprehensive analysis clearly demonstrates the contextual competitive positioning of the client vs. its peers across all of the GRI Aspects, Indicators, and Disclosures. This provides the client with additional intelligence on the most material indicators for this peer group, as determined by the decisions of peer company managements -- and demonstrated through their own materiality assessments on what to publicly disclose and report.

The results of this benchmarking exercise includes flagged gaps in the client's competitive positioning across the various sustainability issues, represented by the underlying GRI Aspects and Indicators. In addition the report identifies areas of demonstrated leadership for the client organization vs. its industry, sector or investing peer group.

Results are compiled and summarized for use by client management in making strategic decisions on sustainability initiatives, and reporting. This benchmarking process also has the added ability to create awareness, discussion, and innovation that can result in unexpected additional benefits for the company.

No other consulting organization has the depth of knowledge and expertise, and the in-house resources to accomplish the above in an economical, efficient and timely manner.