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Customized Professional Services Offerings

The G&A team has a broad range of capabilities we can draw upon to provide customized services you need to keep moving forward on ESG initiatives to achieve your sustainability goals.

Advance Your Sustainability Journey

Every organization is at a different step in their sustainability journey, and each journey is unique. Whether you are developing an ESG policy, identifying material sustainability issues, or looking to be recognized for your success to date – the G&A Institute team has the knowledge and experience to help with a multitude of client needs.

Develop Policies on Key ESG Topics

The foundation of a successful sustainability program is the development of comprehensive and focused policies addressing your organization’s identified material topics and critical issues. The G&A Team is comprised of analysts and writers who are prepared to craft policies to meet your organization’s specific needs. Our team is experienced in drafting general sustainability policies as well as policies focused on specific ESG issues, such as supply chain management, human rights, green travel, or human capital management.

To create policies, our analysts will first determine relevant topics, assess relevant ESG raters and rankings methodologies, conduct peer benchmarking, identify existing policy language, and discuss topics with your team. Our writers will  work in collaboration with your internal team to develop policies that are aligned with your organization’s specific needs and relevant to your sector and industry. 

Earn Recognition for Your Hard Work

The universe of third-party organizations creating and assigning ratings, rankings, scores, certifications, and other opinions around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics has been dramatically expanding in recent years. 

Companies appreciate being recognized by third parties for their sustainability efforts and there are now hundreds of third-party ESG-focused awards and recognitions. G&A’s service offerings are designed to help!

The G&A team is experienced with advising clients on opportunities for ESG awards and recognitions geared toward their specific operations. To assist, our team provides these services:

  • Reviewing your company's existing sustainability strategies, initiatives, and achievements in publicly-available documentation
  • Matching your company's accomplishments with an appropriate universe of the most impactful third-party awards and recognitions for both short-term and longer-term consideration
  • Recommending suitable awards and recognitions that will serve as the road map for internal decision-making and action

Develop Your Leadership’s Expertise in ESG

The contours of corporate sustainability and ESG are constantly expanding, with capital markets players and other stakeholders expanding the specifics that make it challenging for company leaders to keep up and focus on what matters to stakeholders, both external and internal. 

The G&A team can quickly bring all levels of leadership up-to-speed on the state of corporate sustainability and ESG. We offer coaching, small group training and workshops for clients. These sessions are customized to fit your organization’s needs, and in general focus on:

  • Lessons learned in corporate sustainability governance, strategies, initiatives, and programs – what works for leaders
  • Best practices for corporate sustainability programs
  • Sustainability disclosure covering commonly-used reporting frameworks such as GRI, SASB, and TCFD
  • The sharpening investor focus on sustainability issues

Understand Your Business’s Important ESG Topics

Out of a broad range of sustainability / ESG topics, it is vital for companies to understand which of many possible topics and issues are "material" to their stakeholders. The process of narrowing these topics  will vary by stakeholder, therefore G&A uses a multi-stakeholder approach, with a focus on investors, to uncover your most material ESG topics. It is critical for companies to focus efforts and resources on the most material topics and issues to have a successful and well-structured sustainability program that maximizes ROI.

The Materiality Assessment is important to help management:

  • Align the sustainability program with stakeholder, constituency concerns
  • Prioritize issues for further focus and strategy development
  • Select key indicators for disclosure
  • Enable focused discussion for strategy development
  • Identify gaps in data collection
  • Increase the ROI of your sustainability program

Identify Opportunities to Improve Existing Disclosure

Disclosure frameworks and standards -- such as GRI, SASB, TCFD (and many others)-- ask for extensive information (data and narrative). It can be difficult to identify and understand existing gaps in your disclosure and reporting that are the most important to fill.  There are various ways to accomplish this.  

G&A’s unique gap analysis process helps issuers to improve disclosure using these frameworks and standards to lead the way toward more comprehensive and structured ESG reporting. Our comprehensive process includes the below steps:

  • Examining existing public disclosure for alignment with leading frameworks and standards
  • Gathering non-public information from internal stakeholders with relevant information
  • Mapping where existing public and nonpublic information exists
  • Identifying gaps where required information is unavailable – guide development for potential disclosure
  • Researching industry peers for their disclosure practices for the various framework indicators

See How Your Peers Compare

In this evolving landscape of ESG and corporate sustainability, it is vital to stay updated on what your industry peers are doing in this area and how your company compares. 

G&A offers a range of proprietary services that analyze a number of peer sustainability reports and other data sources for their disclosure levels on important GRI, SASB, TCFD, and other various indicators, or on specific issues.

The results of the comprehensive analysis show your position relative to your peers. Our analysis also provides intelligence and examples on the most commonly reported indicators for the peer group.

The results of this benchmarking exercise include flagged gaps in your competitive positioning across the various sustainability reporting disclosures, examples of industry leading peer disclosure, as well as areas of where you currently demonstrate leadership.

Build Momentum. Create Impact.

Continue the journey with your sustainability report and share your accomplishments to the people that matter most.

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