Interview Video Series

Customized Professional Services Offerings

Having the CEO of a company or organization discuss ESG messages and programs in an interview setting is a highly effective way to communicate with key stakeholders.

By creating a video interview series, we can bring the stories told in the report to life in a shareable way. These videos will be branded specifically to match our reporting and seamlessly align with the corporate brand. We work with the internal marketing and corporate communications teams to create these mini stories and generate meaningful content.

These videos can take many forms. An interview is one, but another way is to create an anthem video. These types of videos would highlight all the aspect of the report in a dynamic way. It can take many forms from live-action, animated or even typography driven. This commercial driven approach creates engaging content that quickly summarizes the companies vision and allows investors or consumers to get a high level understanding of the companies initiatives, while also directing them to review the more detailed sustainability report.

We partner with high quality producers to tell your story. Our friends at Greener Media are well known for their work in sustainability and are our go to partner for completing anthem videos and interviews alike. Another world class partner we work with is Proper Medium. Telling stories through video is their passion, and with our direction and eye for sustainability detail, we create amazing work.