Dedicated Sustainability Microsite

Customized Professional Services Offerings

For companies who are publishing Annual Sustainability Reports, a dedicated Sustainability microsite leverages the investment made in creating the report to reach a wider audience and highlight the content of the current report, and the availability of past reports.

In addition to building the sustainability report, there is growing need for the corporation to have a dedicate space to share the report with key stakeholders -- and especially its current and prospective investors. The dedicated sustainability microsite is a perfect addition to our reporting services because it creates an information and teaching resource for users and a dedicated place to learn about all of the great efforts that a company has made in reaching the critical milestone – the publication of an inaugural sustainability report.

Public access encourages the user to understand the complex concepts of the report in a more digestible way and creates interest in these subjects that can generate action. These types of microsites also create additional touch points for potential investors to view these important reports -- and see in depth a company’s true commitments in governance, environmental and social /societal matters.

  • Highlighting important facts from the report – narrative and data sets, with compelling infographics to stress key results.
  • Highlighting each element of the ESG ratings universe (hitting the high notes that are considered by MSCI, Sustainalytics, ISS, Bloomberg, Refinitiv, VigeoEiris, and the three major credit risk agencies, S&P Global, Moody’s, Fitch Ratings). The aim here to strive for better understanding of the company’s ESG / sustainability accomplishments.
  • Connect metrics to the rest of the company’s websites and/or subsites (such as for investor relations, talent recruiting, customer interface, and other activities).
  • Detailed explanation on what the report aims to do – the compelling story being told.
  • Get more team member involved: the microsite could provide links to different areas of the enterprise, and the spirit of ownership and participation in the corporate sustainability journey is further encouraged.
  • The microsite can accommodate effective social media feeds for wider sharing on key social media of the company’s choice.

The micro site would be at the start a 1-to-5 or up to 25-page resource that increases the value of the just-completed corporate sustainability / responsibility / citizenship report. Here is an overview of our process: