Product GHG Inventory

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Understand the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of your product and identify emissions reduction opportunities with a product inventory.

G&A has a world class team of climate professionals with extensive experience in conducting product GHG inventories across a wide variety of industries. 

G&A’s GHG emissions methodology and calculations are aligned with the GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard, a widely accepted global standardized framework to measure GHG emissions from a product’s life cycle. By using this standard, G&A ensures that the product GHG emission inventory is complete, accurate, and ready for assurance by an independent third party.

There are many benefits of conducting a product GHG inventory, including:

  • Creating a quantitative tool to help understand GHG risks along a product’s life cycle.
  • Understanding emissions reductions and cost savings opportunities across the life cycle stages.
  • Acquiring quantitative information regarding the environmental performance of your product, improving your communication with key stakeholders.
  • Complying with customer demands and prepare for pending GHG emissions legislation.
  • Strengthening your competitive position with low carbon products.

Product GHG inventories can also be used to prepare for compliance with California’s AB 1305 law, which will require any business operating within the state to substantiate any emissions marketing claims (e.g., carbon neutrality) with greenhouse gas emissions data showing how that claim was achieved. 

A product carbon footprint assessment identifies the emissions associated with a product across its life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to the end-of-life treatment. Each product releases GHG emissions into the atmosphere during the product life cycle stages, which include the following five main phases:

  • Product GHG Emissions Inventory Calculations
  • Product GHG Emissions Inventory Results Report