Investor Roadshows

Engage with influential ESG / SRI Investor community players to engage, learn and present the sustainable investment case...

  • Facilitation of analyst group presentations and / or one-to-one meetings or with ESG analysts, asset owners, managers, investor coalitions and working groups
  • Engaging with key players in the investment community interested in corporate ESG performance
  • Receive valuable feedback and advice on the company's sustainable investment case
  • Refinement of the key talking points of the corporate ESG strategy and performance story -- the sustainable journey
  • Attract, cultivate and retain more long term, stable ESG investors for your shareholder base

More on Investor Roadshows

Company managements are well-versed in presenting to the investment community, through road shows and small meetings.  G&A Institute helps IR and financial staff members meet with those capital market players focused on corporate ESG performance and sustainability issues.  We help companies tell the story of their sustainability journey.

The G&A team helps corporate clients connect in various ways with the investment community players interested in ESG performance and sustainable investing -- and who want to know more about the company's sustainability journey, and the achievements of that journey. 

This service offering is designed to help corporate management tell the story of the sustainability journey and the benefits to investors:  enhanced competitive advantage, lower operating costs; avoided costs; marketing of innovative "green" products and services; recognitions by influential third parties, including higher ratings, rankings and scores; advantages of greater recognitions in the capital markets (lower cost of capital, great access to capital);  risk mitigation; improved employee retention; more stable and accountable supply chains; development of new business opportunities...and more.

The engagement with these important capital markets players can result in valuable feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the ESG investment case.  These insights can be used to further refine the sustainability strategy and messaging to better resonate with this fast growing part of the capital markets.