Investor Perception Surveys

Surveying of analysts and asset managers to determine the level and interest of sustainable investing and corporate ESG performance integration…

  • Confidential facilitated surveying of these important capital markets players to determine the interest in ESG and the views of the company's ESG / sustainability profile
  • Develop target list of connections for IR manager follow up for ESG discussions
  • Identification of analysts and portfolio managers with interest in ESG among current holders
  • Identification of prospective shareholders based on ESG interest
  •  Recommendations to client organization for follow up/action steps

More on Investor Perception Surveys

The latest credible survey of asset owners and managers in the U.S.A. revealed that US$6+ trillion of Assets Under Management or $1-in-$6 of equities in total are being managed using ESG approaches now. Walking through the roster of the company's current equity holders usually helps to identify those investment professionals using ESG approaches.  Prospective holders can also be identified for the client company.  What perceptions do these analysts, and owners & managers have of your company regarding its ESG performance?  This survey approach can help to identify those investment professionals who would be most interested in your company's ESG story.

A customized, confidential investor perception study will test and calibrate the understanding and level of interest among key financial analysts and investors regarding corporate ESG performance and sustainability issues. This effort can include current and potential investor relations constituencies.

The project will identify contacts within existing coverage firms and will branch beyond the [traditional] coverage of the company to include ESG- and Sustainability-focused analysts and portfolio managers.

The exercise will include discussions with analysts and PMs at both mainstream firms and specialized asset management organizatio

  • Asset owners and managers may include Calvert Funds, TIAA (formerly TIAA-CREF), CalPERS, CalSTRS, New York State Common Fund, the New York City pension fund system, BlackRock, Credit Suisse, UBS, Norway Sovereign Wealth Fund, State Street, MSCI Group, Rockefeller Company, and others.
  • Financial analysis organizations and ESG specialist team may include MSCI, UBS, Deutsche Bank Advisors, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, ASSET4 (a unit of Thomson Reuters), EIRIS Foundation and Ethical Investment Research Services, RobecoSAM Group (managers of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes), GES Investment Services, Governance Metrics International (GMI, part of MSCI), and IW Financial.