Shareholder List Profiling

Identifying sustainable investors and potential opportunities within the existing base of shareholders...

  • Examination of existing shareholders to identify those with a focus on corporate ESG performance and sustainable investing
  • Profiling of the shareholder's activities and approach to sustainable investment
  • Identification of the internal unit and / or person responsible for sustainable investment
  • Enhanced engagement with existing and potential shareholders
  • Expanding the current storytelling to include ESG strategy for shareholders
  • Cultivating a long term, stable shareholder base


More on Shareholder List Profiling

This service is an excellent starting point for the investor relations professional and others in the financial department.  G&A analysts examine the existing shareholder base to identify asset owners and managers with an interest in sustainable investing and ESG performance integration for their analysis and portfolio construction.

This provides an understanding of the opportunities inherent in the current holder base for expanding the corporate IR storytelling with inclusion of ESG information.  This enhanced messaging further allows for the organization to take advantage of potential investors with a focus on ESG that could have an interest in the company.

Since sustainable investors tend to have a longer holding period working to cultivate the interests of sustainable investors can help to build a solid long term, stable shareholder base for the organization.