Event / Speaking Opportunities

Demonstrate leadership in sustainability by participating in meaningful events to tell your story…

  • Identification, profile of appropriate public events for client organization
  • Assistance, guidance for client in determining actions for participation
  • Liaison with event organizers
  • Promotion, communication to highlight event participation
  • Organization of client-sponsored sustainability events if desired

More on Event / Speaking Opportunities

 Do you have a corporate sustainability / responsibility story to tell?  The G&A Institute team works with dozens of event organizers and sponsors throughout the year, in many locales.  We recommend themes, topics, speakers & presenters, and other means of participating in important events focused on corporate sustainability, corporate responsibility, philanthropy, sustainable investing, ESG issues, and more.  We assist our clients in participating in these events in meaningful ways to tell their story. We can help your organization gain visibility in events that matter.

As the corporate and investment communities' interest in sustainability and responsibility matters, and in sustainable investing, a widening range of conference and event organizers are scheduling workshops, conferences, and other types of events.  The G&A team works with several dozen organizers each year, in a range of locales and on a variety of themes.

We help clients participate in meaningful ways -- as speakers and presenters, theme leaders, panel participants, and more.  Contact us for information on how we can match your company's sustainability effort with the appropriate audiences and constituencies.