Sustainability Recognitions & Awards

Identifying and positioning organization, leaders and sustainability reporting for consideration for third party awards and recognitions…

  • Scoping recent and present third party awards & recognitions enjoyed by the client and benchmarking of industry peers
  • Review publicly-available information that may be used in submission to or conversation with third party organizations bestowing awards, managing benchmarks
  • Research database of appropriate awards, recognitions, "best of," assignments of scores, ratings, rankings;
  • Recommendations to client organization for pursuit of appropriate short-term and longer-term recognitions
  • Guidance for overall mapping and scoping of appropriate third party recognitions of various types and categories, including inclusion in indexes and other key investable products.

More on Sustainability Recognitions & Awards

Boards of directors and senior executives are keen on having their company receive the recognition of credible, influential third party organizations.  Leaders want to be included in the "best of lists" for their sector or industry, their geographic area, for corporate accomplishments, for diversity & inclusion programs, for specific responsibility programs...and more.  Publicly-traded companies benefit from inclusion in key benchmarks (such as the DJSI) and in investable products (mutual funds, ETFs, other products) .  There are well more than 300 third party recognitions now related to sustainability, responsibility, citizenship, ESG performance, and more.  The G&A team is experienced at advising corporate managements in the pursuit of these types of recognitions.

Your company's corporate sustainability journey may have just begun. Or, the journey may be far along, maturing, growing in breadth and depth – and the organizations sustainability story is being told through the GRI G4 framework sustainability report. 

Who is taking notice? (A key question senior management often asks.)  Who is recognizing the company's reporting effort (the progress report for corporate achievements), and bestowing recognition? Which of the many “best of” lists, and ratings, rankings, scores, and other third party judgments is your company being included in – where are you positioned in the race to the top?

These are important questions for the sustainability management team.  What third party recognition resulted., management may ask, as time and financial resources devoted to the sustainability effort are being evaluated internally.

Boards and senior managements are tuned in to the growing universe of third party recognitions enjoyed by sector and industry peers.  These include inclusion of credible investment benchmarks and investable product offerings; ratings and rankings; and scores assigned by ESG analytical service providers and NGOs; and information providers (such as Bloomberg terminal ESG dashboards).

To assist clients, G&A Institute provides these services:

  • Take a close look at your company's existing sustainability strategies, initiatives, engagements, narratives, and achievements in publicly-available documentation and reports
  • Match your company's accomplishments with a select, manageable universe of potential third party awards and recognitions for the short-term, and for your longer-term consideration
  • Recommend suitable awards and recognitions that will serve as the road map for internal decision-making and action; note that some awards require formal application; others, a detailed response to inquiries; others result from independent monitoring and examination of the company's progress; we'll advise on all of these)
  • Deliver a briefing document (typically 6-to-8 pages with recommendations) that will help to inform internal discussion and decision-making on pursuit of awards and recognitions the (timing: about four weeks for completion of research)
  • Conclude with a telephone workshop with the G&A team to further illuminate the research results