• Simon Fischweicher, Manager, Disclosure Services, CDP
  • Emily Newton, Sourcing Manager, FMC Corporation
  • Bridget Realmuto, Senior Research Associate, Domini Impact Investments LLC
  • Hank Boerner, Chairman & Co-Founder, Governance & Accountability Institute
  • Louis Coppola, EVP & Co-Founder, Governance & Accountability Institute


Environmental disclosure makes sound business sense and now more companies than ever are disclosing to CDP.  Start the journey to managing the risks and opportunities presented by climate change, water management and deforestation.

G&A Institute in collaboration with CDP's webinar to learn more about the value of responding to CDP's questionnaires and answers to your questions from our experts at CDP and G&A Institute.


  • Globally, nearly 6,000 companies representing  responded to CDP in 2016.
  • Bloomberg terminals feature CDP data, scores and rankings in the Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) section, which gets some 718 million data hits per month.
  • CDP has minimised the disclosing burden on companies by aligning the climate change questionnaires of CDP, GRI and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.
  • 87% of companies responding to CDP identified business opportunities and are taking action to address climate risks.
  • 67% higher return on equity for companies that respond to CDP than their non-responding peers.
  • $53bn worth of savings identified by companies responding to the CDP climate change program.


  • "Participating in CDP helps drive performance for Diageo…It enables us to accelerate the speed with which strategic change can be implemented."
    - Diageo
  • "Through our disclosure to CDP we not only satisfy the demands of customers, investors and stakeholders for transparency and accountability, we can also add new information to business decisions of all kinds."
    - Iron Mountain

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Original Event Date: March 30, 2017