DJSI CSA Will Soon Be “Open” for US Companies to Begin Their Response Effort – Workshop for Corporate Staff Scheduled for April 6th/NYC, Presented by G&A Institute w/ RobecoSAM

The DJSI Corporate Sustainability Assessment Will Soon Be “Open” for US Companies to Begin Their Response Effort – a Workshop for Corporate Staff is Scheduled for April 6th in New York City, Presented by G&A Institute in collaboration with RobecoSAM

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes are some of the most important and widely-used benchmarks for global investors – the suppliers of capital to the corporate sector.  The “DJSI” benchmarks include the well-known “World” and “North America” indexes. 

The DJSI are managed by RobecoSAM which described them as a family of best-in-class indices (launched in 1999) that evaluate the sustainability performance of thousands of publicly-traded companies. The indices track the stock performance of the world’s leading companies across 60 industries in terms of economic, environmental and social criteria.

RobecoSAM is a strategic partner of the S&P Dow Jones Indices and the RobecoSAM “Smart ESG Methodology” is used to generate ESG factor scores to construct a family of indices; the methodology is used for example in constructing the S&P ESG Factor Weighted Index family.

RobecoSAM has been driving innovation of the fields of ESG investing…the indices are built on the strength of rigorous internal analytics and research.  An important input to the process is the annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment (the “CSA”) that RobecoSAM explains in this way:

“The quality of a company’s strategy and management and its performance in dealing with opportunities and risks deriving from economic, environmental and social development can be quantified and used to identify and select leading companies for investment purposes. For this reason, RobecoSAM developed the CSA to help identify those companies that are best equipped to recognize and respond to emerging opportunities and risks resulting from global sustainability trends.”

Very soon, the CSA questionnaire will be landing in the offices of leading US companies for internal managements to complete and return to RobecoSAM as the process for adjusting the family of funds is underway (the results will be known in early fall).  One day after the Skytop Strategies “ESG Summit 4” conference, G&A Institute in collaboration with RobecoSAM is presenting a workshop to help American corporate managements in the response process in New York City on April 6th.

Special Note
Lindsey Kauffman, Environmental Lead at Owens Corning will be at the workshop and will share her insight on leading the CSA/DJSI response for her company. Owens Corning is the Industry Leader in overall score/ranking as well as the Industry Leader in all three dimensions.

Skytop’s CEO Chris Skroupa interviewed RobecoSAM’s Robert Dornau and G&A’s Louis Coppola on the workshop and the importance of the DJSI CSA questionnaire to corporate managements.  There’s lots of important details for you in the Top Story this week from the Forbes interviews. 

If you’d like to learn more about G&A’s advisory services for responding to the RobecoSAM CSA please contact Louis Coppola at

Top Story

The Corporate Sustainability Assessment; Important ESG Events In Early April   
(Thursday - March 29, 2018) Source: Forbes – interviews by Christopher P. Skroupa - The RobecoSAM Corporate  Sustainability Assessment is about to hit the desks in many publicly traded companies. Are executives aware and what are they doing to prepare?  The CSA is a “living document” – what were they key changes in 2018? 

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The case for merging sustainability, risk and compliance
(Thursday - March 22, 2018) Source: GreenBiz - Given the overall trend toward convergence in the internal functions that own and address questions of corporate integrity and values, collaboration skills are at a premium. Change management and influencing skills, in... 

2018 salary survey aims to shed light on sustainability pay
(Friday - March 23, 2018) Source: Business Green - A major survey to gather pay details for sustainability executives across the UK launched yesterday, in a bid to provide an up-to-date snapshot of working conditions in the green business and environmental sector.

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Fed raises rates, signals confidence in strengthening economy
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RTA releases first public transport sustainability report
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BMW Group publishes Sustainable Value Report 2017: “For us, sustainability means future viability.”
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Starbucks says it's achieved pay equity in the US
(Thursday - March 22, 2018) Source: CNBC

Citigroup restricts gun sales by business customers
(Friday - March 23, 2018) Source: CNN Money 

Dick’s CEO Edward Stack: Gun reform ‘transcends our company’s bottom line’
(Friday - March 23, 2018) Source: Washington Times 

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CalPERS' 2018 Corporate Engagement Strategy Aimed At Improving Financial Returns - Priorities Include Board Diversity And Climate Risk Reporting
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Kazakhstan’s frozen billions sound alarm for sovereign funds
(Monday - March 19, 2018) Associated Profiles : National Fund [of Kazakhstan] Source: Daily Times - Orders in Dutch and Belgian courts required Bank of New York Mellon to freeze monies it held in custody for the Kazakh National Fund and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Dutch court order has since been lifted. The Belgian ruling... 

One year after divestment decision, Barnard shifts focus to sustainability practices 
(Friday - March 23, 2018) Source: Columbia Spectator - While Barnard has taken steps towards divestment over the course of the past year, the college has noticeably shifted its environmental focus away from conversations surrounding divestment in favor of long-term sustainability...

Major University To Stop Investing In Fossil Fuels In Sustainability Drive
(Wednesday - March 21, 2018) Source: Plant Based News - Cardiff University has announced it will to stop investing in fossil fuels by 2021. The University was named as one of the top 100 universities in the world last year. 

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