October 25, 2019


Capitalism – Needing Reinventing? Is Corporate Sustainability/Responsibility/Citizenship's Focus on ESG Part of the Mix of Reinvention?

There are many voices raised now and joining in the public dialogues on corporate sustainability, citizenship, responsibility, ethics, governance…and more. These fit into the commentary stream on the future of capitalism -- and how to make it work for everyone.

There are rigorous companion dialogues – rapidly growing in number -- related to the role of sustainable investing as many more asset owners and their managers adopt new approaches, many focused on corporate ESG performance and outcomes.  We see this as further reinventing of capitalism. Do you?

On Corporate Purpose – How, What, Why and more – another public dialogue dramatically expanding since the release of the Business Roundtable’s revised mission statement in summer.

There are more voices being added to the expanding public dialogues on all of the above and more, which is what our Top Story focuses on. A fascinating range of voices will be raised by Fast Company as the publishers spotlight “15 voices” working at the forefront of trying to reinvent our economic system…and together the pursue important structural reforms and ides to bring about “fairness” (much needed in 2019!).

The first voice “raised” by Fast Company is that of Darren Walker, Ford Foundation president who says in his essay “capitalism is in crisis” and explains why in -- “How to Save Capitalism From Itself”. 

As the editors of Fast Company explain, the voices to be raised in the future (that you will want to follow via Fast Company essays) include Zeynep Ton, MIT b-school prof who sounded the Good Jobs Institute; Josh Silverman, CEO of Etsy (the artisanal marketplace) whose company’s social-impact initiatives are held to the same standard as financial reporting; fashion icon Eileen Fisher (champion of the B Corp movement); Barry Lynn, founder of Open Markets Institute (who favors more regulation to address today’s monopolies); and Rachel Lauter, ED of Fair Work Center..and more!

Keep in mind Fast Company is a must-read for many GenExers and Millennials – and so you will want to keep up with the publication’s voices no matter what generation you belong to.

The Ford Foundation’s CEO essay is at: https://www.fastcompany.com/90411391/ford-foundations-darren-walker-how-to-save-capitalism-from-itself


Top Stories

Capitalism is dead. Long live capitalism
Source: Fast Company - For capitalism to thrive, the system needs to evolve to be fair, inclusive, and sustainable. Fast Company highlights companies and innovators leading the change.

And of importance, the public dialogue – and action! – on the SDGs:

Protecting Our Future: Moving from Talk to Action on The Sustainable Development Goals
Source: Forbes 

How an Italian Energy Company Revolutionized Sustainable and Impact Investing in Structured Credit
Source: Forbes 

First SDG-linked bond in the European market raises 2.5 billion euros
Source: UN Global Compact 

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Sustainability Standards Setters & Policy Makers

Tags and green stamps: what companies are certified as sustainable?
Source: The MDS 

Global business chiefs pledge to boost sustainable development
Source: FT 

Sustainability standards seen as too fragmented
Source: Accounting Today 

ESG / Sustainable & Responsible Investment

More large-scale investors are skittish about an ESG strategy at the expense of returns
Source: MarketWatch 

Why ESG & Ethical Investing Differ
Source: ETF 

For ESG investors, the newest challenge is separating fact from ‘greenwashing
Source: MarketWatch

Where ESG Fails
Source: Institutional Investor 

Ceres launches new center to accelerate efforts to transform capital markets and drive wholesale action on climate crisis 
Source: Ceres

Corporate Sustainability / ESG

Energy companies taking proactive approach on climate  
Source: Houston Chronicle

Sustainability bandwagon is picking up speed, more supporters
Source: High Plains Journal 

RBC GAM: Why company leaders should care about ESG
Source: Corporate Secretary 


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Sustainability is more than being green, says Rakuten
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