Pope Francis Issues Call for Action on Sustainable Development at Rome Conference of Experts and Activists

Pope Francis Issues Call for Action on Sustainable Development at Rome Conference of Experts and Activists

Global faith leaders can directly and indirectly affect significant changes in our global society.  One leader with high visibility and strong opinions on important societal issues is the Holy Father in Rome, Pope Francis.  The Roman Catholic Church as a collective institution is one of the largest owners and holders of assets in the world, including pension systems of various orders, Catholic charities, healthcare systems, and more.

The Roman Catholic Church’s policy is guided by important encyclicals issued by the Pope in the Vatican City.  For example, the contents of the historic 1891 encyclical issued by Pope Leo XIII on capital and labor and the rights of both (and concerns about the Industrial Age working class) continues to reverberate even today in discussions about corporate-labor and public sector-labor issues (this was “Rerum Novarum”).

Amidst the rising discussion worldwide about climate change and the need for action, Pope Francis issued “Laudato Si” (Our Home) in May 2015.  This is a powerful work addressing environmental and ecology issues, especially including the need for action on climate change. This work called on the world society – and especially the institutions of the R.C. church – to address the urgent threats posed by climate change.  (The subtitle was “On care for our common home”.)

As part of the public dialogue, Pope Francis addressed the joint houses of the U.S. Congress in May 2015 and received 37 standing ovations as he addressed climate change, common needs, risk to our common home (the Earth), the responsibility of richer nations, and other societal challenges.

The discussion continues:  the Roman Catholic Church convened a three-day conference earlier this month in Rome to bring together experts and activists in human development, the environment and healthcare.

To – as Pope Francis explained – explore new paths of constructive development … development having been “…almost entirely limited to economic growth… [which] is leading the world down a dangerous path where progress is assessed only in terms of economic growth.”

The title of the conference:  “Religions and the Sustainable Development Goals:  Listening to the Cry of the Earth and of the Poor”. The theme:  “Without a change of attitude that focuses on the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants, efforts to achieve the SDGs will not be sufficient for a fair and reasonable world order.”

Said the Holy Father, leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics:  “No branch of science or form of wisdom should be overlooked, and this includes religions and the languages particular to them.” 

Our Top Story is the news report of the Catholic News Service out of Rome with background on the conference and related information.

Background on the historic significance of Laudato Si (Our Home), Pope Francis’s encyclical is in the “Trends Converging! – A Look Ahead of the Curve” essays by G&A Chair Hank Boerner, available (chapter 44) online.  

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Most companies recognize climate risk, few act
(Wednesday - March 13, 2019)  Source: Business Insurance

UN's 'dire' warning: Act now on Earth's environment as human health 'increasingly threatened'  
(Thursday - March 14, 2019) Source: USA Today

Diesel trucks would be nearly eliminated in California under proposed law
(Thursday - March 14, 2019)  Source: SF Chronicle

Headlines From the Corporate Sector

Starbucks and Monsanto Sue Vermont
(Saturday - March 09, 2019)  Source: Snopes.com 

Trader Joe's ditches plastics for more sustainable options nationwide
(Monday - March 11, 2019) Source: KUTV 

Levi's now blending hemp with cotton for more sustainable fabric
(Monday - March 11, 2019) Source: TreeHugger

Coke, NRC team up on recycling
(Thursday - March 14, 2019)  Source: The Business Journals 

And in Auto Industry News

Kia Motors considers suspending its No.1 plant in China: source
(Monday - March 11, 2019) Source: Reuters 

Honda to recall about 1 million older cars over air-bag danger — again
(Tuesday - March 12, 2019) Source: MarketWatch 

Volkswagen is betting its future on electric cars
(Wednesday - March 13, 2019) Source: CNN

862,520 Fiat-Chrysler vehicles have emissions issues, will be recalled
(Friday - March 15, 2019) Source: Ars Technica

SEC alleges Volkswagen 'perpetrated a massive fraud' and repeatedly lied to US investors
(Friday - March 15, 2019)
 Source: CNBC 

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