Corporate Supply Chain Sustainability Strategies & Programs: Count as a Cost or Strategic Investment?

Corporate Supply Chain Sustainability Strategies & Programs: Count as a Cost or Strategic Investment? Consultant to Large-Cap Companies Provides Some Helpful Answers for Corporate Managers

Question:  Does a corporate sustainability program “cost” (and thus shows up on the “expense” side of the ledger) or are there measurable “returns” on the investments that companies are making to develop or adjust strategies, assemble teams and launch sustainability programs? (Especially those that have set goals and where progress is measured and then publicly reported.)

We frequently hear this kind of discussion in the phone calls we have with corporate managers, especially those at companies where management is now considering what to do or perhaps just starting out on their sustainability journey.  Senior managements often begin internal discussions with the questions for their managers:

Who is asking for this? What will this cost? 
And where is the ROI for our efforts?

Working with client organizations we see the firms’ customers and clients asking their supply chain partners about their respective sustainability efforts and requesting extensive information, directly of the firms (with detailed questionnaires) and through third parties such as EcoVadis and CDP Supply Chains. The questions are coming faster and more detailed than in previous years.

The important customer with a range of sustainability-themed “asks” of course considers their supply partners to be part of their (the customer’s) overall sustainability footprint – and so the questions.   Corporate sustainability leaders understand the importance of the “ask” and provide detailed answers to their valued customers.

If the questions internally at the supplier company are along the lines of: “why” or “who is asking” and “what will this cost us” or “what is the return”…consider: 

“Economic longevity and social and environmental responsibility are increasingly two sides of the same coin. Consumer surveys show that many favored brands are focused on sustainability.  And, removing waste and emissions from the supply chain goes hand-in-hand with efficiency…both boost the corporate bottom line.”

That’s some of the essence of a timely report – “Sustainability: The Missing Link” – that was authored by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by LLamasoft, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based supply chain management software provider serving such clients as Ford Motor, 3M, Intel, Bayer, and Kellogg’s.

Highlights of the report and important background come to us this week from Supply Chain & Demand Executive magazine, with an interview with Dr. Madhav Durbha, Group VP at LLamsoft.  The interviewer explores how sustainability considerations cause companies to think differently about their supply chains and examples of global companies are managing the triple bottom line.

The questions asked of Dr. Durbha by the magazine’s Amy Wunderlin: 

Why are many supply chains still doomed to inefficiency and environmental waste?  What are the top mistakes companies often make when trying to make their supply chain green? How many organizations strike a balance between profitability and sustainability despite current economic uncertainty? Why are addressing sustainability needs through the entire supply chain important? (There are more questions and more answers in the interview.)

An important take away from the interview: 

“As long as organizations think of cost reduction [efforts] and sustainability being at odds, they may be missing out opportunities to accomplish these dual objectives.”

There are numerous helpful hints for you in this week’s Top Story.
SDC/Supply Chain & Demand Executive magazine, published by b-to-b media & intelligence company AC Business Media, covers warehousing, transport, procurement and sustainability, among many topics. Subscriptions to are free. 

This Week's Top Story

Profitability or Sustainability? It Doesn’t Have to be a Choice
(Wednesday - March 27, 2019) Source: Supply and Demand Chain Executive - Dr. Madhav Durbha of LLamasoft offers insight into why–with the proper tools–organizations don’t need to choose between profitability and sustainability, despite current economic uncertainty. 

Here is the link to the report:


Sustainability Training HQ Highlight

A Deeper Shade of Green: The Social Layer of Green FSAs
By Ruth Rennie
Developing Green Firm Specific Advantages (GFSAs) allows firms to build business capacities and assets that enhance both economic and environmental performance.However developing GFSAs focused solely on environmental management capacity will be inadequate to deliver sustainability and long term financial performance.An additional set of GFSAs that build capacity to manage the social dimension of the people, planet, profit equation are required. These relate to the internalisation of the social contract, operational approaches that develop social equity, and communications approaches focused on inclusive constituency building.

This is the “final paper” authored by sustainability / CSR professional Ruth Rennie as she completed the on-line, self-study “Certification in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Strategies” hosted by Governance & Accountability Institute and developed by Professor Nitish Singh, Ph.D., Associate Professor of International Business at the Boeing Institute of International Business at Saint Louis University, and founder and consultant at IntegTree LLC; and, Instructor Brendan M. Keating, Adjunct Professor at Wilmington University and VP of IntegTree.

The professionals completing the course work receive certificates from the Swain Center for Executive & Professional Education at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and from G&A Institute.

The certification program provides a broad overview of key corporate responsibility challenges and strategies that will enable organizations to succeed in the 21st Century Green Economy.

More information about the on-line course is available here.


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The intersection where retail technology and sustainability meet
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...and Corporate Sustainability Actions

This Sustainable Packaging Company Optimized Their Supply Chain And Transformed The Customer Experience
(Monday - March 25, 2019) Source: Forbes - It has been calculated that UPS and FedEx alone move 11.6 billion packages every year. And with omni channel sales and direct-to-consumer orders on the rise, this number continues to rise year over year. But have you ever... 

Starbucks Continues Sustainability Efforts
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Is sustainability your priority? So is Volvo's
(Friday - March 29, 2019) Source: Global Fleet - Volvo Cars today announces it will replace its current paint shop at its Torslanda car manufacturing plant with a new one, which will result in an expected reduction of paint shop energy consumption and emissions by at least one.

30 Years After the Exxon Valdez Spill, Investors Are Still Trailblazers on Sustainability
(Friday - March 29, 2019) Source: Triple Pundit - It was 30 years ago this month that the Exxon Valdez oil tanker ran aground in Alaska’s Prince William Sound. The damage was horrific, starting with the spilling of an amount of crude oil that surged to the hundreds of thousands... 

How Good Food 100 Restaurants Is Helping To Create A More Transparent And Sustainable Food Industry
(Friday - March 29, 2019) Source: Forbes - Words like “farm-to-table,” “seasonal” and “locally sourced” are on so many restaurant menus these days, but with a lack of regulation around these terms there’s no telling what they actually mean. As the food industry moves... 

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