UN IPCC Warns Us: The Time to Act Is Now – The Window For Action on Global Warming is Fast Closing

UN IPCC Warns Us: The Time to Act Is Now � The Window For Action on Global Warming is Fast Closing

The buzz for the past few days has been about the report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that urged governments everywhere to “take rapid and far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” to avoid catastrophic events and conditions brought on by climate change.

Why?  The planet temperature could reach the critical point – keep 1.5 degrees Celsius / 2.7 F above pre-industrial levels in mind.  We must get measures in place to address the threats of floods, rising seas, food shortages, shrinking arable land, wildfires, rising seas…and more.
Today 195 countries are members of the IPCC (including the United States, United Kingdom, China, Germany, and France) and thousands of scientists all over the world contribute to the work.

The panel based its findings on the current high levels of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).  These are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2), and a number of fluorinated gases (such as hydrofluorocarbons). GHGs are measured in parts per million (ppm), parts per billion (ppb) and per trillion. The gases can remain in our atmosphere for years, decades, centuries. The end effect is to make our Earth warmer and warmer over time.  

And where do the GHG emissions come from?  Transportation, production of electricity, industry (using fossil fuels for energy, production), buildings (commercial, residential, industrial), and use of the land (agriculture, forestry, ranching).

The key takeaways from the IPCC report:  We have not done enough in the past / we are not doing enough now (to address global warming) – and we have to dramatically increase the critical steps needed to slow and stop global warming and move the global society back to the pre-industrial levels of GHG emissions (150 to 200 years ago).

The key is more aggressive and rapid reduction of carbon emissions.  Think about achieving that while continuing economic growth (everyone’s desire, everywhere); dealing with steadily increasing population growth (we are on our way to 9 billion level by 2050 says the UN); keeping public sector expenditures at levels that sustain our present way of life while allocating funds to address climate change threats; and, avoiding catastrophic upheavals of various kinds in the decades ahead.  

The IPCC report is sobering.  Our Top Story this week is a good review by CNN of where we are today and the rapidly-diminishing days we have left to begin very serious efforts for a course correction.
IPCC background information is available for you at: https://wg1.ipcc.ch/

The U.S. EPA web site also has information at a glance for you: https://www.epa.gov/ghgemissions/sources-greenhouse-gas-emissions

You can also access the annual Inventory of U.S. GHG Emissions and Sinks there.

This Week's Top Story

Planet has only until 2030 to stem catastrophic climate change, experts warn
(Monday - October 08, 2018) Source: CNN - Holding global warming to a critical limit would require "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society," says a key report from the global scientific authority on climate change. 

And around the world, countries, companies, investors are reacting to the threats posed by climate change:

Denmark continues sustainability journey with ban on petrol and diesel cars
(Wednesday - October 03, 2018) Source: Energy Digital - The nation intends to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, with hybrid vehicles set to be banned by 2035. It is hoped that this will promote the sale of electric vehicles and therefore reduce air pollution, with...

Stanford’s new Sustainable Finance Initiative to help unleash capital needed for decarbonization
(Monday - October 08, 2018) Source: Stanford News - A new Stanford program, supported by Bank of America, will fund research to develop the finance and policy tools needed for the transition to a decarbonized and climate-resilient global economy. 

14 Famous Female Leaders on Climate Change, Sustainability and Protecting Our Environment
(Wednesday - October 03, 2018) Source: Eco Warrior Princess - Below, famous female leaders from a variety of professions and backgrounds, share their thoughts on climate change, sustainability and what it takes to protect our environment. 

Sustainability is a 'top priority' for chemists
(Monday - October 08, 2018) Source: Horizon - A group of chemicals known as bi-metallics could help the pharmaceutical industry become more environmentally friendly by cutting the amount of energy used to produce drugs, according to Professor Eva Hevia from the University of... 

Which Countries Have the Most Sustainability-Focused Companies?  
(Tuesday - October 09, 2018) Source: Think Advisor - Advisors with clients who invest internationally may be interested in Morningstar’s latest sustainability atlas, which rates 46 global equity indexes based on their ESG and ESG-related controversy scores. The 46 Indexes represent...

Fonterra vows to build sustainability into everything it does (Aus)  
(Monday - October 08, 2018) 
Source: Just Food - "Some of the world's biggest sustainability challenges are around food and we believe, like many, that the global food system must shift from being part of the problem to becoming a greater part of the solution. Our co-op is... 


Sustainability: Continuing Forward Momentum!
For Your Attention: Items From the The Editors' -- There is Much Good News to Share�

Straws are just a small piece of the foodservice sustainability puzzle
(Thursday - October 04, 2018) Source: SmartBrief - The abundance of recent announcements by cities and foodservice companies enacting bans on plastic drinking straws can make it seem like straws are the chief culprit when it comes to plastic waste. However, straws make up a small... 

How We Invest In Farmland: An Introduction To Nuveen's Global Agricultural Sustainability Approach
(Thursday - October 04, 2018) Source: Forbes - We believe that our farmland investments can help to meet global demand for food, while encouraging sustainable practices to be good stewards of the environment over the long term. In partnership with our tenants, local operators...  

SNEWS Retailer Sustainability Survey
(Thursday - October 04, 2018) Source: SNews - During a recent listening tour with brick and mortar specialty retail shops, GoLite Brand Manager Josh Clifford heard one thing loud and clear: Vendors need to do a better job with packaging and shipping materials. Retailers...  

Sustainability is critical to modern manufacturing
(Monday - October 08, 2018) Source: The Hill - Manufacturers across the United States are innovating and redefining processes to create more sustainable operations. By making sustainability a top priority, they are helping ensure the longevity of not only the sector but also... 

For Wineries, Competition Boosts Profits From Sustainability
(Tuesday - October 09, 2018) Source: NCSU - An international study of small- to medium-sized wineries and vineyards finds that the more sustainability practices a winery has in place, the better its financial performance – and the effect is enhanced when a winery perceives... 

The Role of CPAs in Sustainability Takes on Greater Significance
(Tuesday - October 09, 2018) Source: CPA Practice Advisor - The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has developed a new toolkit that provides resources to help prepare CPAs to meet these growing sustainability-related demands.  

Your 2020 Sustainability Goals: How's That Going, By the Way?  
(Wednesday - October 10, 2018) 
Source: Sustainable Brands - For the sustainability community, 2020 is a particularly important date: 2020 Sustainability Goals have become highly fashionable; unless you have been living under a rock, you are familiar with phrases such as “20 percent... 


Our Focus This Week on A Range of ESG Topics & Issues � More For You to Think About � What Will Be the Future Impact of These Developments? 

Business Ethics is Most Improved CSR Value
(Thursday - October 04, 2018) Industry Week- Looking at more than 33,000 companies, Global CSR Risk and Performance Index, recently released by EcoVadis, found that business ethics was the most improved area in corporate social responsibility. 

Bernie Sanders introduces bill to break up big banks
(Monday - October 08, 2018) Source: The Hill - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced a bill Wednesday that would break up some of the largest U.S. banks, a long-standing goal of financial sector skeptics 

Headlines From the Corporate Sector - Both Positive & Negative

Volkswagen dumps jailed Audi CEO amid emissions probe
(Wednesday - October 03, 2018) Source: CNN Money

Popular sparkling water brand LaCroix sued over ‘all natural’ label
(Sunday - October 07, 2018)  Source: NBC New

Exxon Mobil to spend $1 million lobbying for a carbon tax
(Wednesday - October 10, 2018) Source: CBS News 

News & Opinion: Asset Managers, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension Funds 

An audience with Li Keping: China’s sovereign fund reaches out to the world
(Tuesday - October 09, 2018) Associated Profiles : China Investment Corporation 
Source: Financial News - And he has a clear message for them: the China Investment Corporation, which manages $941bn of the country’s foreign exchange holdings on behalf of the... 

EDITORIAL: Will CalPERS finally focus on returns'
(Tuesday - October 09, 2018) Associated Profiles : California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) Source: MSN - The California Public Employees' Retirement System has unfunded liabilities of at least $168 billion, meaning it has just more than two-thirds of the funds needed to provide promised pensions -- and that's based on... 

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