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The State of Large-Cap ESG Efforts? Barron’s Reports on 2022 Progress

March 1, 2023 Issue

Barron’s magazine, sister publication to The Wall Street Journal, is an important investor-focused publication reaching almost 500,000 subscribers with keen interest in the capital markets.Read full issue >

Finding a Way Forward for ESG Advocates and Critics to Achieve Consensus

February 15, 2023 Issue

Where did the expression “woke” come from? Wikipedia offers us this explanation: “Woke is an adjective from African-American Vernacular English meaning [being] alert to racial prejudice and discrimination.” As the use of the... Read full issue >Read full issue >

Culture Warriors Have New Straw Men: ESG and “Woke Capitalism”

February 1, 2023 Issue

The ongoing internal culture war in the United States now includes a full-frontal assault on the alleged “dangers” posed to certain investors by those asset managers who embrace sustainable investing and factor in ESG analysis... Read full issue >Read full issue >

What Will 2023 Bring in Climate Crisis Action by the Public Sector?

January 15, 2023 Issue

As we begin the year 2023, an intriguing question is what more is in store for public sector action to address critical climate change challenges? After all, we are entering year three of the Biden-Harris Administration’s “Whole... Read full issue >Read full issue >

Battle Lines Drawn for ESG / Sustainable Investment Fights in 2023

December 15, 2022 Issue

As 2022 comes to a close, certain events are shaping up in the U.S. capital markets and corporate sectors for what promises to be a titanic battle in 2023. There are challenges being mounted to investment managers openly... Read full issue >Read full issue >

ESG Reporting Trends in the USA – G&A’s Annual Analysis!

December 1, 2022 Issue

The early issues of this newsletter over a decade ago had a feature that seems quaint today: in each issue we published a list of corporate ESG reports that we had found through our own extensive searching. You see, most... Read full issue >Read full issue >

COP 27 in Egypt: The United States is Back at the Table

November 15, 2022 Issue

The Top Stories in ESG this week are about the annual global climate meetings in Egypt – COP 27 (the Conference of Parties), convened by the United Nations. These meetings of about 200 sovereign nation’s leaders and other... Read full issue >Read full issue >

Council on Foreign Relations Proposes Agenda: “Renew America” & Strengthen U.S. Global Influence

November 1, 2022 Issue

The United States of America is “in” the world and “of” the world. Where do we stand on global issues – where should we stand on policies and practices (and what should the U.S. “stand for”)?Read full issue >

Going Green & Still Pumping Oil? The Challenges of Climate Change for Fossil Fuel Producers

October 15, 2022 Issue

We were thinking the other day about the enormous challenges posed by climate change to our society -- and the resulting challenges of meeting ambitious goals being set by governments, the private sector, and investors to achieve... Read full issue >Read full issue >

Watershed Year For Expansion of Corporate ESG Reporting

October 1, 2022 Issue

Is the SEC moving forward on expanding corporate sustainability disclosure rules, or standing still with no real change to existing rules, or perhaps moving backwards on the initiative to expand ESG information for investors? Any... Read full issue >Read full issue >

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