Sustainability is Our Passion

The team at G&A Institute bridges the two important spheres of influence in our modern economy – the key players in the world’s capital markets (the investor community), and the corporate sector (issuers).

We understand and advise on the important ways that institutional investors – asset owners and their asset managers – evaluate opportunities to invest in public and private companies. We also help savvy and enlightened corporate executives position their enterprises for success in the “new norms” of the capital markets.

There are several terms used to describe these new norms in the corporate sector: corporate sustainability, corporate responsibility, corporate citizenship, and ESG strategies and performance.  In the global capital markets, some of the related terms in the widening embrace of ESG and sustainability are sustainable investing, ESG investing, socially responsible investing, and impact investing.

These are the two halves of the capital markets whole – what happens in both halves is of critical importance to corporate boards and executives, and to investors. G&A offers a wide range of information and services to both companies and investors.

The mission of G&A Institute is to provide actionable information and advice based on independent research and analysis. We help leaders and organizations build trust by addressing critical issues in an informed manner, with an equitable outcome for all parties involved. In other words, our clients are supported to do the right things for the right reasons.

A custom journey for your unique business.

Start the journey with your sustainability report and highlight your accomplishments with the world.

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