For over a decade, G&A was the designated data partner for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in the United States, United Kingdom, and Republic of Ireland until GRI ended the program in 2020. In this capacity and also independently, G&A's sustainability analysts have examined thousands of sustainability reports from a wide range of sectors and industries, covering many reporting details related to various ESG topics, standards, frameworks, assurance, SDGs, and more. The data and results of this research were carefully analyzed and made part of a comprehensive internal database that G&A started developing in 2006 when we were first established. Our findings are shared in various research reports published by G&A, including the annual trends reports on the S&P 500 and Russell 1000, found on our website.

We utilize the experience, data, intelligence and information gathered during these years of research to continually develop and enhance our client services. No other consulting organization has the depth and breadth of knowledge and resources available related to U.S. corporate sustainability and responsibility reporting.

We help to position the business enterprise for greater success