Meet the Governance & Accountability Institute Team

Henry (Hank) Boerner
Chairman & Chief Strategist
Mary Ann Boerner
President & Chief Operating Officer
Louis D. Coppola
Executive Vice President & Co-Founder
Lucas Alvarez
Design Director
Kenneth J. Cynar
Executive Vice President
Amy Gallagher
Executive Vice President, Client Relations & Creative Director
Peter M. Hamilton
Senior Vice President, Media Relations
Alex Cohen
Senior Sustainability Analyst
Elizabeth Peterson
Senior Sustainability Analyst
Reilly Sakai
Senior Sustainability Analyst
Bernard (Bernie) Kilkelly
Vice President - Director of Corporate ESG Disclosure
Faye Leone
Senior Sustainability Content Writer
Al Modugno
Senior Corporate Communication Strategist
Ford Rowan
Senior Advisor & Strategy Consultant
Kirstie Dabbs
Sustainability Analyst
Julia Nehring
Sustainability Analyst
Vijaya Govindan
Client Relationship Consultant
Gregorio Martinez
Mexico Team Consultant

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