Daniel P. Doyle

Daniel P. Doyle – Fellow and Senior Consultant of the Institute

Dan Doyle is an experienced financial professional with decades of experience in corporate entities and professional practices. He is an expert in financial reporting and accounting practices, and currently is focused on corporate reporting on sustainability and responsibility thematics.

Career Background

Daniel P. Doyle served as Treasurer of the well-known consumer marketers, Publishers Clearing House for 14 years. He previously was Assistant Treasurer and Planning Director.

While in charge of Collections at PCH, Dan spearheaded the creation on Extension Program, which led to a highly profitable, US$100 million per year program for selling magazine subscriptions.

Dan built industry-wide support for legislation in New York State to exempt promotional materials from sales tax, resulting in an expense reduction of more that $600,000 per year. He dealt with various domestic sales tax issues, with the introduction of the Goods & Services Tax in Canada and with the introduction of a similar value-added taxation system in the Province of Quebec Dan established a US Political Action Committee (PAC) and contacts with local Congressional offices.

When a number of illicit operators were impersonating PCH to defraud consumers, Dan developed offensives to protect the public and to forestall a public relations issue for the company. He retailed a private investigation firm to gather intelligence and to present cases to appropriate authorities. Results: numerous arrests and several convictions, and a substantial reduction in complaints from consumers.

Dan set up banking and other matters when the firm entered the U.K. market. He completed the financial arrangements for the award of the firm's well-known US$1 million and US$10 million sweepstake prizes.

Doubleday & Company

Previous to PCH, Dan served in the Planning and Reporting Department of the Books Clubs Division of Doubleday & Company. At the time, the Books Clubs Division and the Book of the Month Club were the two leading companies in that segment of direct marketing in the U.S.A. (The popular Books Clubs Division operated in the U.S. and in Canada.)

Westbury Logistics

Dan participated in a buyout from PCH in 1999 and joined Westbury Logistics, a transportation and real estate firm, as its Chief Financial Officer in January 2000.

Lazio 2000 Campaign

In May 2000, US Representative Rick Lazio entered the federal senatorial campaign in New York State. Dan was invited to join the campaign as its Chief Financial Officer. Lazio 2000, Inc. raised US$42 million in contributions; Dan “unwound” the campaign office in a post-election period. (His candidate lost to US Senator Hillary Clinton, now US Secretary of State.)

Dan resumed his CFO duties at Westbury Logistics in early 2001 (until fall 2004) and he continued to direct the accounting, financial reporting, financing, taxes, business operations.

Rowan & Blewitt Consulting

While at Westbury Logistics, Dan also consulted for Rowan & Blewitt, a prominent issues and crisis management consulting company serving the Fortune 100® and multinationals. He produced more than 100 strategic briefings for financial services (client) managements on such topics as mortgage markets, SFAS 133, currency rates and other matters in support of a consulting team working for HSBC, Freddie Mac and other financial institutions.

Ross Capital Management

Dan was briefly the CFO of Ross Capital Management, Inc., which was building a school for nursing education on St. Kitt’s island in the Caribbean. He developed a model for relating promotion expenses for attracting candidates for the school to subsequent tuition revenue.

National Consumer Marketing

Dan served as CFO at National Consumer Marketing, LLC, a US$48 million direct marketer of coins and other products in the U.S. Dan upgraded overall financial reporting and improved reporting for promotion expenses and for collection loss expense

Cardiovascular Associates of New York

In June 2006, Dan joined Cardiovascular Associates of New York, PC, a prominent cardiology practice, as its Chief Financial Officer. Cardiovascular Associates employed 14 cardiologists, operated five medical offices in Queens and Nassau counties (NY) and realized annual revenues of up to US$27 million. The practice is now part of North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System. Dan produced due diligence materials for the North Shore system for a year until a deal was consummated in May 2011 and continues as consultant to the practice in the wind down.

Governance & Accountability Institute

In his 2010-2011 association with the Governance & Accountability Institute, Dan has evaluated the responsiveness of a number of US and European companies to the Framework for corporate responsibility reporting that has been established by the Global Reporting Initiative (the “G-3”).. He edited the Institute’s analysis-- Corporate ESG/Sustainability Reporting – Does It Matter? -- and represents the Institute at various conferences and seminars

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