Global Warming – As the Phenomenon Ends, The Ice Begins? In Year 2060

by Hank Boerner – Chairman & Chief Strategist – G&A Institute

Keep your eye on 2060, when the Ice Age begins and Global Warming ends, say the folks at Samsung Chemical Coating (“SCC”) in The New York Times advertisement…

Did the headline grab your attention? It sure caught mine.

The headline and some of the content from a full-page advertisement appearing today in The New York Times, is signed by Samsung Chemical Coating Co. Ltd. (for the record, they’ve also said this is material “copyrighted” and not for re-distribution). This is Fair Use reporting for you.

The ad is a full page display in the well-read Science Times Section of the Times; titled: “When Global Warming Ends, about the year 2060, The Ice Age will Begin”).

There are five main messages for you from Samsung:

(1) (Perspectives About) the Beginning of Global Warming

(2) There is No Relationship Between the Amount of Carbon Dioxide Emissions and the Global Warming

(3) (About the) Ice Age Environment

(4) Large Extinction of Living Things (like all of us humans)

(5) (Message to) The US Government and Scott Pruitt, US EPA


Global Warming, says Samsung (SCC) management, is one of the natural phenomena that occurs at the end of inter-glacial periods. There is more explanation for you (according to the ad) in The Washington Post on February 28th of a “study” by Samsung. *

There is no relationship between CO2 emissions and global warming. It’s about Earth wobbling (“precession*), certain star tracks, and seas warming and rising.

The Earth’s glaciers (today’s Big Ice) will be reduced by Year 2060 at, the end of the inter-glacial period we’re in, and then the Earth will begin to form new glaciers; earthquakes and tsunami’s will occur; radiation from the sun will pummel Earth; extreme temperatures will occur; really large hurricanes will occur.

And then – oh, boy! — the New Ice Age coming about 2060 will reach to New York City, growing ever-taller over 200 years, and everything living will become extinct!  The dead critturs will eventually drift down to decay and become coal and carbon/oil for future generations (if there any) to use. There may well be; Samsung’s paid message says creatures exposed to the sun’s radiation will mutate and new species will emerge.

Finally — Samsung, while saying that nothing can be done about the catastrophe coming, thanks to the Law of Nature (and Earth wobble, stars aligning, oceans warming, pole ice disappearing, glaciers melting and then re-forming, radiation increasing, giant storms, and more) — and so,  Scott Pruitt, US EPA Administrator, “…should review the results of ]Samsung’s] study and find ALTERNATIVE (my emphasis) MEASURES to minimize the damage of the catastrophe that will occur…”

Oh, and the future of Mankind depends on Administrator Pruitt and President Donald Trump.

A key line in the ad:  “We can say that the cause of global warming is not from carbon dioxide emissions.”

The company – it’s a a privately-owned South Korean firm, according to Bloomberg LP  — has run somewhat similar ads in the past.  * We could find no mention of “the study” in The Washington Post edition of February 28, 2017 as mentioned in today’s ad.

We got to thinking: Is this a joke? (It’s not April 1st yet.)  Someone who gave up tweeting to write more long-form messages in the wee hours of the morning?  Something unusual to get us thinking? About?

Is this a planned distraction from the more pressing issues in Washington DC — like the former President spying on the new President when he was a candidate? Something really jarring to justify the drastic cuts proposed by the new administration at the US EPA?  Is this fodder for global warming deniers?

The ad is real:  I have a printed copy right here on the desk as it appears in the NYT ScienceTimes Section!

What to you think?  Let us know….

FINALLY — there is an email in the ad if you wanted to communicate with someone:

  • Heemun Kang –
  • or Jimin Kang or Josung Kang

** Precession:  changes that occur as equinoxes change in successive sidereal year (Oxford: sidereal — “as determined by stars”).

5 thoughts on “Global Warming – As the Phenomenon Ends, The Ice Begins? In Year 2060

  1. I teach high school environmental science. Yesterday, in class, prior to my seeing this advertisement, I was telling the students that a change in the global wind patterns will throw our planet into another ice age. I have also told them that we are in a positive feedback loop with regard to climate change. I have said that it is irrelevant how it started but the pressing concern is how we will continue to feed our current population under these changing conditions. I hope that the dates are wrong but much of the information is what I currently teach, so yes, I believe a large part of this ad is correct.

    • I could not believe the Times would even print this in their “Science” section! While it is an advertisement, it gains some gravitas by being in the Tuesday science-only section, even though it is an incredible amalgamation of unscientific bulls*^$. I cannot believe that a teacher (above) would consider any of it in the least bit correct. While it is true that climate change may well create dramatic climate changes (for example, changes in ocean convection caused by global warming may indeed cause substantial ambient temperature decreases in areas warmed by ocean currents, the causes for this as described in the ad and the future scenarios depicted in the advertisement are scientifically without merit. Talk about “Fake News”!

  2. You say “We could find no mention of “the study” in The Washington Post edition of February 28, 2017 as mentioned in today’s ad.” It is indeed in the February 28th Post, pA20, the last page in section A, a full page ad. I have it right in front of me, physically. I thought it was a joke. I Googled for 15 minutes before I found your analysis. (Thank you!) My first impression was that it was addressed to Scott Pruitt, as a caracature of his unscientific thinking on climate warming, and that they thought he might spread it around, because it downplayed the importance of carbon dioxide

    • Thank you, Bill. We have seen other advertisements by this company along the same lines. In searching the Post pages, evidently ads running the day of publication are not available in the searching. Thank you for sharing this information with our readers.

  3. I too googled the SCC company and found two separate references to that name with two different addresses in South Korea – one mention through Bloomberg – there was no on executives or any mention of board members , all it said is that it is a privately held company founded in 2006.
    The second mention was through a global b2b internet service -same name but located in a different province. It’s telling – there is no place that I could find, where their products are marketed – so to me this is a front for something totally different and may have very little to do with the larger Samsung conglomerates – especially since Samsung spun off its major chemical divisions in 2015 to the German Lotte Group.
    Poor language and grammar is also telling.
    The doomsday prophesy of catastrophic proportions is humorous -unless you do not know how earth’s resources were formed and believe the indication that the few of the “we” left can start mining and pump in about 243 years from now.
    So better start preparing for your family to be part of that small elite. And that seems just right about the 1%.

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