Davos at 47 Years – Always Interesting News From the Gathering in Switzerland of Business – Government – NGO Leaders

Posted on February 1, 2016 by Hank Boerner – Chair & Chief Strategist

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Each winter for the past four decades leaders in government, business, media, academia, and civil society  gather beneath snow-capped mountains in the mile-high town of Davos, Switzerland to ponder and debate the present and future of our world society.  This year’s gathering (2,500 in attendance) focused in good measure on the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”
The first revolution being use of water and steam to move from hand-to-mechanical means of production; the second was the coming of electronic wonders in mass production; the third is use of IT and electronics to automate and communicate and transfer information via the internet.  The fourth?  Automation… artificial intelligence… robots… drones… interactive technologies… virtual reality…  enabled disruption…  Everything we take for granted is in upheaval.  For humans, will it be competition (with robots) or collaboration?  They debated that in Davos this month.
One consensus seemed to be that science, in leading the way into the Fourth Revolution (as it did the past three), will need better use of talent – like more women in the field.  The image of the lone scientist in a white coat working at the lab table is passé; today, discovery and innovation is more collaborative and inter-disciplinary in nature.  Governments need to play a larger role, for staying power (long-term results) given the frequent short-term focus of the business and investment community.  Discovery needs to be nurtured over a longer period to bring us breakthroughs like GPS, space satellites and organ transplants.
And on being human and humane – the RED campaign, organized by singer Bono of U2 and others 10 years ago, announced at Davos that US$350 million has been raised to help those with AIDS (providing anti-retroviral therapies).  RED campaigners aim for an AIDS-free generation as soon as possible.  Well done to those 65 companies who helped RED raise the funds.
Below is a snapshot of items for you out of Davos -– always interesting reading!
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