Erika Karp of UBS in the Spotlight / Farewells

The June 6, 2013 UBS Message:
Tonight marks the last edition of the UBS Global Portfolio Manager’s Spotlight…

Farewell to UBS’ Spotlight — Erika Karp in the Sustainability Spotlight

One of the driving forces in gaining greater recognition for and appreciation of sustainable investing is Erika Karp, Head of Global Sector Research – UBS Investment Bank. Her weekly newsletter “spotlighted” capital market trends and always included value-added information about ESG considerations and focus on sustainable investing – the term that Erika has championed in public discussions. Continue reading

The SAM Group in Focus / Now RobecoSAM / New Names for Indices Debuts

Around the world, the names are familiar to senior corporate executives, corporate directors, and to many asset owners and their managers: SAM Group, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI). There are important changes taking place that we are sharing with you today.

The well-known SAM Group (“Sustainable Asset Management”) has a new name: RobecoSAM. This is the Swiss-based investment specialist organization focused on sustainable investing; products and services include asset  management, indices, private equity, impact analysis & sustainable assessments, and benchmarking. Continue reading

Just Back From Amsterdam / GRI – by Louis D. Coppola

By Louis D. Coppola, Executive Vice President, G&A Institute

I recently returned from The Netherlands where the next iteration of the Global Reporting Initiatives’ Guidelines was released at the annual global GRI conference (which took place in GRI’s home city, Amsterdam).

There were many changes announced regarding the “G4” –the next generation of GRI reporting guidelines.  These include the removal of the familiar “A-B-C” Application Level system; a stepped up concentration on materiality; and, further alignment with existing recognized standards like CDP and UN Global Compact. Continue reading

“Buyer Beware” – A Commentary & Suggestions from Robert Kuhn on Supply Chain Management

Today we are sharing with you commentary on the real world challenges facing retail brands in managing large, complex supply chains — and trying to hold far-flung suppliers accountable for their human rights and labor practices.

Recently, media of all types have focused on human and labor rights-related failures occurring in Asian suppliers to large European and American retail brands. We have read stories in the popular press, trade journals and social media about the deaths of workers from collapsing structures and from those taking their own lives because of horrific working conditions. Continue reading

A “Grade A” and Other Recognitions for CalPERS

One of the state public employee systems that we track is CalPERS — long a leader in advancing effective corporate governance and now a leader in embracing and communicating about ESG performance as part of their investment strategy.

The California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) is the largest state investment fund in the USA, with Assets Under Management of US$257 billion as of March 31, 2103. More than 1.5 million public employees are covered by the system (including 550,000 retirees). Continue reading

Tuning in to the European Union Changes in Corporate Reporting

By G&A Institute

In April, the European Commission (EC) acted on a proposal calling for new rules – officially, to implement, for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council to mandate disclosure of non-financial information and diversity information by large companies (500+employees).

The proposal (prepared by a working group) calls for mandating publication of non-financial information to be included in annual and consolidated financial statements and related reports.

Continue reading

The Facts about FACTS / and New Name – Trust Around the World

G&A Institute’s Q&A With Barbara Kimmel – Trust Across America / Trust Around the World

We shared news in our May issue about TrustAcross America –now named Trust Around the World. Readers were interested in learning more about the organization and its activities. Here is our interview with co-founder Barbara Kimmel. Continue reading

Call It What You Like – Guest Comments from Lisa Woll – US SIF

G&A Institute is a member of the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (US SIF) in the U.S.A. As the organization convened for its annual conference, US SIF CEO Lisa Woll published this update – we are sharing it with you today.

More than 11 percent of investments under U.S. Professional management were selected for companies’ financial performance and their social and environmental responsibility in 2012.

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