Trends Converging! -A 2016 Look Ahead of the Curve

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What’s Ahead in 2017 that Affects Corporate Citizenship, Sustainability & CSR Managers?  Sustainable/ESG Investment Professionals?
The seeds of development are found in 2016 and earlier...

Trends Converging! is your guide to positive trends that make the case for continued progress – download and read your complimentary copy of the book.

The important questions hang in the air – what changes are in store in the year 2017 for corporate managers and investment professionals as the new administration and 115th U.S. Congress address critical issues in Federal public policy making?  We came so far in making progress on key ESG issues by the year 2016 – is our progress in danger of retreating in 2017 and beyond?

Hank Boerner, Chairman of G&A Institute, prepared a series of commentaries beginning early in the year 2016 to “take a look ahead of the curve on ESG / Sustainability / CR / SRI . Corporate Citizenship trends that were converging.”  These are the important trends that were (and in most cases still are) looking very positive for corporate managers and investment professionals who are focused on sustainability and related topics & issues. 

Now in 2017 we find ourselves at times in a “sea of uncertainty” and looking for guidance and accurate information on “where we are.”  Your free copy of the commentaries by a veteran trendspotter in “Trends Converging!” is available to meet your needs. Complete the form to the right to download your digital copy.


And do Stay Tuned to G&A Institute – numerous of the commentaries in the book are being updated in 2017 as events warrant. 

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