SASB Positions -- Critical Points Made In Commentary Published by Dr. Jean Rogers in the "IBD"

SASB Positions -- Critical Points Made In Commentary Published by Dr. Jean Rogers in the "IBD"

The "IBD" -- Investors Business Daily -- is an influential publisher followed by millions of investors, both in the print and on-line versions.  The former "daily" is now published weekly and the digital content with numerous tools and resources for the serious investor is a primary focus of the publisher, always available 24/7 for subscribers.  Founded in 1984 by former stockbroker William O'Neil, the publisher today offers investors a number of popular tools for market timing, fundamental and technical market analysis, and other approaches.  (Such as "CAN SLIM," the founder's approach to investing.)

What is important for us today is the publication in the IBD of powerful commentary by Jean Rogers, PhD, Founder / CEO  of the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB).  (Our selection for your Top Story.)  Dr. Rogers responds to earlier published commentary in IBD that warned investors "against the dangers of infusing corporate accounting with environmental advocacy."

In response, Jean Rogers writes -- Could not agree more!  That is, she explains, SASB's mission is to provide investors (many of whom are IDB readers) with material, decision-useful information capturing the financial impacts of corporate sustainability performance, and doing so in a way that is cost-effective for companies.  That may come as a surprise to the writers of the prior commentary, she says. (They seemed to position SASB's work as adding to the "burden of regulation" facing public companies.)

It is large and influential investors who are the driving force behind the evolvement of the SASB standards -- they are the parties who are increasingly demanding financially-relevant ESG data, explains Dr. Rogers. 
Helpful note for dear IBD readers:  Jean Rogers points out for you that the PRI signatories represent about half of the Assets Under Management of global institutional assets (some US$60 trillion).  That's the smart money to follow, we would say.  And the 2016 US SIF survey of asset managers adopting ESG approaches reached to almost $9 trillion in AUM -- up 33% from two years prior.  More smart money to follow. 

You'll want to read Dr. Rogers' commentary and share it with colleagues.  And do review the SASB standards for your company's industry or sector if you work in the corporate sector.  As Dr. Rogers writes: "SASB work is to standardize sustainability disclosure. Its one agenda item is to help companies and their investors communicate more effectively about risk and opportunities they face in a constantly-evolving business landscape.” That certainly describes the year 2017, doesn't it!

At G&A we're big supporters of SASB, and we're helping our clients review and consider SASB in their sustainability programs, materiality and reporting.  If you'd like to talk more about how we can assist your company in strategy setting for the SASB standards for your industry please contact us at to set up a complimentary call with our team.

Top Stories This Week...

Sustainability Accounting Standards Represent Market — Not Regulatory — Forces at Work
(Wednesday - April 26, 2017) 
Source: Investor Business Daily - Today, approximately half of global institutional assets — about $60 trillion — are managed by signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which promotes the incorporation of sustainability factors into..


Sustainability Trends, News & Issues in Focus

More on Climate Risk and the Sustainability Rating
(Thursday - April 27, 2017) 
Source: Morningstar - Many asset managers today—I'd go so far as to say most of them—are paying attention to climate change. Some clearly more than others, at least judging by what they are willing to articulate to investors. While a case could be...

How Sustainability Helps in Enhancing Property Values
(Thursday - April 27, 2017) 
Source: National Real Estate Investor - There was a time when we spoke of green buildings, and it was a conversation focused in large part on the building envelope. 

OP: Improving sustainability is a necessity for our generation
(Thursday - April 27, 2017) 
Source: Western Herald - A number of earth’s natural resources are nonrenewable, which means they cannot be easily replaced once depleted. Oil and natural gas are just two of earth’s nonrenewable resources that we rely on daily for life tasks, such as... 

Key Organizations Highlight Emerging Sustainability Trends In 2017
(Friday - April 28, 2017) 
Source: 3BLMedia/Just Means - In 2016, the world witnessed some important global shifts including an increasing role of public-private partnerships in the fight against climate change. Several large companies are now testing corporate strategic alignment... 

News & Trends for You - "By The Numbers"

Note the trend of putting catchy numbers in headlines of these items...

How Four Fashion Design Schools are Teaching Sustainability
(Monday - April 24, 2017) 
Source: Teen Vogue - Parsons, Savannah College of Art and Design, the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising all incorporate sustainability into their curriculums 

3 Ways Sustainability And Small Business Connect Via Energy
(Tuesday - April 25, 2017) 
Source: Small Business Trends - Sustainability has been a national conversation in recent years, and with political discussions about environmental issues heating up, the time is right for leaders in sustainability to help demystify the issue. As politicians... 

5 Easy Ways To Sneak More Sustainability Into Your Day
(Tuesday - April 25, 2017) 
Source: Collective Evolution - There’s no denying sustainability has become a trending topic. But why exactly is it so big? And have you been doing your part to be sustainable? 

Our Focus This Week on ESG Topics & Issues -- This Includes Earth Day Celebrations

Happy Earth Day. Enjoy It While You Last.
(Monday - April 24, 2017) 
Source: Bloomberg - Harvard professor Andrew Knoll marvels that our planet has sustained life continuously for four billion years -- most of its 4.5 billion years in existence. 

Want to use your money to change the world? The pros and cons of investing for social good
(Wednesday - April 26, 2017) 
Source: - Wall Street has a longstanding reputation for checking its conscience at the door. "Greed is healthy," stock trader Ivan Boesky told a University of California at Berkeley business school class in 1986. The inspiration for Gordon... 

New study: global warming keeps on keeping on
(Thursday - April 27, 2017) 
Source: The Guardian - A new paper finds no statistical evidence that global warming slowed down in recent years or that it’s sped up just yet...

Shale's the Wild Horse OPEC Can't Tame
(Monday - April 24, 2017) 
Source: Bloomberg - It was all so simple. By lifting restraints on output, Saudi Arabia would stop subsidizing high-cost oil producers and halt the rapid rise in U.S. production that was eating into OPEC's market share. At least, that was the logic...

Is sustainable beef all talk and no action?
(Tuesday - April 25, 2017) 
Source: Beef Magazine - Those are important questions that people from both within and outside the beef industry are busy attempting to answer. And that’s important. If the beef industry is to accomplish continuous improvement in the area of...  

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News & Opinion: Asset Managers, US Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds

Russia will have exhausted $87 billion wealth fund by 2017, amid oil price slide
(Monday - April 24, 2017) Associated Profiles : National Wealth Fund 
Source: CNBC - The National Wealth Fund, which at the start of July contained $73 billion, is not intended for covering budget shortfalls. It was originally intended to pay for future pensions but a portion of the fund has been committed to... 

New York City Pension Fund to Divest Itself of Gun Retailer Stock
(Tuesday - April 25, 2017) Associated Profiles : New York City Comptroller’s Office: Bureau of Asset Management 
Source: New York Times - New York City’s employee pension fund will sell all its holdings of three American retailers because they sell guns, and will continue to press ahead in its efforts to get Walmart and a division of the supermarket chain...

Nasdaq index crosses 6,000 as stock market extends rally
(Wednesday - April 26, 2017) 
Source: LA Times - The technology-heavy Nasdaq composite index closed above 6,000 for the first time Tuesday as part of a broad rally in stocks being driven by a bullish outlook for U.S. corporate growth

From the Corporate World -- News for You

Is employee activism on sustainability nearing a tipping point?
(Wednesday - April 26, 2017) 
Source: GreenBiz - A new survey shows that nearly two-thirds of those who work for large U.S. corporations want their employers to actively take on environmental and social issues.

United Airlines to tie executive pay to customer satisfaction
(Monday - April 24, 2017) 
Source: BBC - Two weeks after a passenger was violently dragged from one of its planes, United Airlines says it is to link pay more closely to customer satisfaction. 

KB Publishes 10th Annual Sustainability Report
(Monday - April 24, 2017) 
Source: Builderline - KB Home (NYSE: KBH) has released its tenth annual Sustainability Report, available at KB Home was the first major home builder to publish a comprehensive sustainability report in 2008. 

New schemes for careers in corporate sustainability
(Tuesday - April 25, 2017) 
Source: Straits Times - Two schemes have been launched for students and professionals who are keen on a career in companies that aim to be sustainable in their business practices. 

Craft Brew Alliance Releases 2016 Annual Sustainability Report
(Tuesday - April 25, 2017) 
Source: BrewBound  — Craft Brew Alliance, Inc. (“CBA”), a leading craft brewing company, announced today the release of its fourth Annual Sustainability Report, providing an in-depth look at the company’s..

Mohawk Industries 2016 Sustainability Report Highlights How The Company Leverages Innovation To Push The Boundaries Of Sustainability
(Tuesday - April 25, 2017) 
Source: Yahoo Finance - The 2016 Sustainability Report released by Mohawk Industries online today paints a comprehensive picture of the company's innovation, passion and commitment to a better tomorrow and illustrates once again why the...

Celebrating Sustainability at Kimberly-Clark
(Wednesday - April 26, 2017) 
Source: 3BLMedia - Today, our Sustainability 2022 strategy outlines five priorities to guide our work out to our 150th anniversary: Social Impact, Forests & Fiber, Waste & Recycling, Energy & Climate, and Supply Chain. At the heart of these... 

EY EMEIA Financial Services Releases its 2016 Sustainability Report
(Thursday - April 27, 2017) 
Source: 3BL Media - EY continues its sustainability journey with its latest report exploring the six material issues the financial services industry is facing, and reflects on their journey with their clients, people and communities. 

Trump Administration News... Affecting Sustainability and Climate Change

Trump’s First 100 Days: What Mattered, And What Didn’t
(Wednesday - April 26, 2017) 
Source: Politico - The indelible takeaway from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was his unrelenting assault on political norms, the countless things he said and did that serious candidates just weren’t supposed to say or do. 

Trump tells Canada, Mexico, he won't terminate NAFTA treaty yet: White House
(Thursday - April 27, 2017) 
Source: Reuters - U.S. President Donald Trump told the leaders of Canada and Mexico on Wednesday that he will not terminate the NAFTA treaty at this stage, but will move quickly to begin renegotiating it with them, a White House statement said. 



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