Preparing Professionals for Career Focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Sustainability and Sustainable & Responsible Investing

Preparing Professionals for Career Focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Sustainability and Sustainable & Responsible Investing

Important elements of the Governance & Accountability Institute mission is to share knowledge, perspectives and information about the opportunities in corporate responsibility, including career paths to success, and to do the same for men and women interested in sharpening their focus in the financial community, with the continuing embrace of ESG approaches by investment firms of all types ("sustainable investing").

We partner with outstanding academic centers to present structured courses for the introduction to the relevant issues and processes by best-in-class faculty who bring their real-world experience to the courses. 

Two current examples:  Our just-completed "CSR Certificate" two-day course in partnership with Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership (IEL) at the Rutgers University Business School in Newark, New Jersey.  We had a wonderful line up of presenters from the corporate world (Prudential, Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, PepsiCo, Pirelli Tires, Johnson & Johnson), from ESG service providers (CSR Hub, Futerra, Ethisphere Institute, EcoVadis, Hansen Philanthropic Solutions), global ESG standard setters (CDP), investment management firms (Cornerstone Capital), academics (Rutgers IEL, Rutgers University), and UN multilateral organizations (UNGC, UN PRI).  A hearty "thank you" to our great faculty and our latest group of students.

We'll present this popular course again in the Fall -- stay tuned for "save-the-date" announcements as G&A and Rutgers IEL share information about the next upcoming course.

Coming Up
On Thursday, June 15th, we are presenting our "Intro to ESG, Sustainable & Impact Investing Training," hosted at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College/CUNY in midtown Manhattan, presented by G&A Institute and Global Change Associates. This one-day training program is in response to the growing demand for sustainable impact investment education by asset owners, asset management, financial analysts and others in the finance community.  This is a full day of lectures by outstanding speakers who are practitioners in the field, sharing their knowledge to bring participants up to speed on ESG / sustainable investing best practices, research, data providers and methodologies. At the end of the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

We'll be sharing news about this learning opportunity with you in the days ahead.

To register, and find out more information visit:

G&A Institute in partnership with IntegTree's Dr. Nitish Singh provides convenient on-line education for professionals -- "Certification in Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Strategies."  The courseware provides a broad overview to equip professionals with cutting-edge sustainability skills that companies need to thrive in the rapidly expanding, global "green economy."  There is information for you at:

Are you interested in participating in these learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities in some way?  Please contact Louis Coppola at -- let's have a conversation. 

Top Stories This Week...

The path to a rewarding sustainability career
(Tuesday - May 16, 2017) 
Source: Eco-Business - Four young professionals from around the world share how their choice of a postgraduate sustainability programme paved the way to a rewarding and meaningful career in the sector.


Important Items for Your Attention: Editors' Sustainability Scans - Progress!

Global Opportunity Explorer platform shows market opportunities in sustainability
(Monday - May 15, 2017) 
Source: UK Fundraising - A digital platform has launched to help the world meet the UN’s Sustainable Business Goals by showing them as potential market opportunities that will also help society and the environment. 

Sustainability is disruptive talk but wears incremental trousers
(Monday - May 15, 2017) 
Source: GreenBiz - Sustainability is about change. Specifically, changing what our organizations do and how they do it. But while we’re good at looking at the biggest picture and thinking long-term, we’re missing what’s going on inside our... 

China gears long-term sustainability strategy to overseas activities
(Wednesday - May 17, 2017) 
Source: Cosmetics Design - The leading APAC cosmetics nation focuses on how to achieve its 2030 agenda goals for sustainable development, following the release of the 2017 Report on the Sustainable Development of Chinese Enterprises Overseas. 

Growth Dynamics Define Sustainability  
(Wednesday - May 17, 2017) 
Source: Top 1,000 Funds - Each investment professional has their own legitimate take on the subject. For what it’s worth, my take is settling on the notion that sustainability is intrinsically linked to the rate of extraction of resources from a system...  

Whitepaper: Sustainability Enhancing ‘Competitive Positioning’
(Wednesday - May 17, 2017) 
Source: Hotel Designs - The Whitepaper identifies how Destination Management Organisations and Convention Bureaus are using sustainability to drive the development and implementation of robust destination sustainability strategies. These strategies are.

10 Tips for Developing 'Sustainable' Destinations
(Thursday - May 18, 2017) 
Source: Special Events - The paper uses case studies to show how sustainability has become a key measure of destination success and helps cities become more competitive as desirable destinations. 

Conservative sustainability  
(Thursday - May 18, 2017) 
Source: Red Dirt Report - “Conservative” and “sustainability” are not two words one expects to see together, but they are unspoken foundations of conservative values in Oklahoma and the United States of America. We know fiscal...  

Aquaculture Gains Sustainability Cred
(Thursday - May 18, 2017) 
Source: Triple Pundit - The discussion over the opening of federally-owned public lands to more commercial purposes, or even selling some of them off entirely, is a hot topic this year. But what about areas of the oceans and seas that are also managed.

Architecture "hasn't caught up" with sustainability goals says AIA
(Thursday - May 18, 2017) 
Source: Dezeen - Many architects are still not addressing the environmental impacts of their buildings, claims the American Institute of Architects, in response to Aaron Bestky's recent critique of its COTE Top Ten sustainability awards. 

Our Focus This Week on ESG Topics & Issues

America has a water crisis no one is talking about
(Sunday - May 14, 2017) 
Source: Vox - Access to clean water is a basic human right. Yet for 14 million US households, or 12 percent of homes, water bills are too expensive. And as the cost of water rises, even more Americans are at risk of not being able to pay their.

OPEC Lost $76 Billion Last Year Due to US Fracking
(Wednesday - May 17, 2017) 
Source: The Daily Signal  - The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries lost $76 billion in 2016 due to low oil prices caused by rising U.S. oil production, according to a report published Monday by the U.S. Energy Information Administration

Brexit impact could be years away, but UK firms told to prepare  
(Wednesday - May 17, 2017) 
Source: Reuters - Britain's businesses may not feel the impact of Brexit for several years, but should not count on the country eventually striking a good trade deal with the rest of Europe, company treasurers were told at a conference on Tuesday. 

Expectations of corporate social responsibility increasing with 63% of Americans surveyed looking to businesses to drive social change
(Thursday - May 18, 2017) 
Source: The Drum - Due to today's political environment, more than two-thirds (67%) of Americans believe progress on social and environmental issues may go unaddressed with 63% hoping businesses will drive change.

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News & Opinion: Asset Managers, US Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds

Sovereign Wealth Funds as Socially Responsible Investors
(Wednesday - May 17, 2017) Associated Profiles : UBS 
Source: - The focus of the paper is on evaluating the leverage of SWFs in the global economy, as well as their potential to promote corporate social responsibility and, therefore, to lead the financial sector towards greater..

State Street Global Advisors Beefs Up ETF Team
(Tuesday - May 16, 2017) Associated Profiles : State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) 
Source: - The ETF market is highly competitive. State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) oversees US$ 558 billion in ETF assets. [Content protected for Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute Standard subscribers only. Please subscribe to view content.

pension benefit reductions are constitutional">Washington state high court rules pension benefit reductions are constitutional
(Monday - May 15, 2017) Associated Profiles : Washington State Department of Retirement Systems 
Source: Pensions & Investments - The rulings last week came as a result of two class-action lawsuits filed by the Washington Education Association against the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems, Olympia, that questioned the Legislature's right to... 

From the Corporate Sector -- News for You

Sustainable success  
(Monday - May 15, 2017) 
Source: Construction Global - Responsible for leading, inspiring, coordinating and influencing the development and integration of IKEA’s social and environmental sustainability commitments, we speak to Sustainability Expansion Manager Hege Saebjornsen... 

Fidelity Launches First Two Sustainability-Focused Index Funds
(Tuesday - May 16, 2017) 
Source: Blackbird Miltech - Fidelity Investments®, one of the industry’s largest, most experienced providers of low-cost active and index investment products, today announced it has launched two sustainability-focused index funds — Fidelity US.... 

L’Oréal, PepsiCo Strike Up New Partnerships to Push Forward Sustainability Agenda
(Tuesday - May 16, 2017) 
Source: Sustainable Brands - Ushering the economy towards a more circular, sustainable model, global brands are teaming up to initiate change both at home and across the globe, proving that there is indeed strength in numbers. 

Home Depot earnings, sales top Street estimates as shoppers flock to its stores
(Tuesday - May 16, 2017) 
Source: CNBC - Home Depot comp sales will continue to beat throughout the year: Analyst Home Depot comp sales will continue to beat throughout the year: Analyst 21 Mins Ago | 02:15 Home Depot just showed Wall Street how it can buck the... 

Smithfield Foods’ 2016 Sustainability Report Showcases Commitment to Safe, High-Quality Food
(Wednesday - May 17, 2017) 
Source: Global Wire - Today, Smithfield Foods, Inc. published the third installment of its 2016 Sustainability Report, providing in-depth information about its continued commitment to produce safe, high-quality products. The Food... 

Trump Administration News... Affecting Sustainability and Climate Change

Trump controversies rattle stock markets worldwide
(Thursday - May 18, 2017) 
Source: Mercury News - The stock market on Wednesday took its biggest dive since September, as Wall Street analysts said investors had begun to grapple with the increasing possibility that Washington would be consumed with chaos and fail to enact... 



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