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NYT Brings Us Encouraging News in the Swelter of Negative Reports as Sustainability Advocates Consider Possible Changes of Course

December 22, 2016 Issue

Leading Business readership publication focuses attention on the dramatic rise of ESG factors in investing over the past five years in wrap up story...

If you have not yet seen the story by Randall J. Smith that appeared in The... Read full issue >

Sustainability Highlights | TOP STORY: Sustainability Reporting in Stock Exchanges 'Comes of Age'

December 16, 2016 Issue

Top Story

Sustainability reporting in stock exchanges 'comes of age'

(Thursday - December 08, 2016)

Source: GreenBiz - As many as 21 stock exchanges across the world could introduce sustainability reporting standards in the... Read full issue >

Barclays Researchers on "Green Bonds": Small-but-steady Performance Benefits Possible, With Little Evidence of Negative Impact

December 8, 2016 Issue

The investment community -- especially fiduciaries -- continues to have a flow of more "green" products being made available from a growing number of issuers and their intermediaries; these include "green bonds." Charting this... Read full issue >

Quo Vadis on Sustainability Issues in 2017 -- As a New Administration & New Congress Come to Town?

December 1, 2016 Issue

Are you holding your breath after the November elections? Wondering where corporate sustainability or sustainable investing goes from here? What our public sector positioning may be on issues of importance to the corporate or... Read full issue >

Investors Put Their Money on ESG/Sustainability, US SIF Survey Tells Us. And the Business Sector Says Let’s Keep Moving Toward the Low-Carbon Economy in 2017!

November 22, 2016 Issue

For the past two years a few data points / narratives stood out in conversations about making the sustainable investing case: “$1-in-$6 in Assets Under (professional) Management; $6 trillion-plus; 12% and more of the total... Read full issue >

President Elect Donald Trump - What Does it Mean for ESG?

November 16, 2016 Issue

The voters have spoken; their decision is known. It may not have been the news that was expected, or hoped for, but the Office of the President of the United States of America is now in transition. What does that mean for... Read full issue >

For Finance/Investing Professionals: "ESG" IN FOCUS IN ALL DAY WORKSHOP Hosted at Baruch College/CUNY

November 11, 2016 Issue

The interest in sustainable investing continues to rise in the mainstream investment community. Numerous data & analytics providers, ratings & rankings organizations, and other influentials are busily shaping new approaches in... Read full issue >

Important Sustainability Events & Trainings

November 2, 2016 Issue

Today we call your attention to a number of events and training initiatives that may be of interest if you are:

A corporate manager with responsibilities in the areas of [corporate] citizenship, sustainability, ESG,... Read full issue >

IMPORTANT NEWS: New GRI Standard for Corporate Reporting Released to Replace GRI G4

October 27, 2016 Issue

The most commonly used sustainability reporting standard for corporate and institutional reporting on an organization’s economic, environmental and social/societal impacts - The Global Reporting Initiative's (“GRI”) framework - ... Read full issue >

FILLING A NEED – On-Line Training for Managers Seeking CSR Certificate

October 24, 2016 Issue

At G&A Institute we regularly partner with colleges and universities to provide managers in all sectors(business, social, public sectors) with learning experiences to help advance their careers in key fields. The areas in focus... Read full issue >

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